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Alva’s AJ Minjares – Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Northwest Technology Center

By Derrick Smith

When a student reaches their high school years, they have a lot of things to decide and how they will affect their future. Not all students have a plan for once they graduate high school, but Anthony Minjares does and he is getting a headstart on it by attending Northwest Tech.

“Once I graduate, I plan to go to college to play baseball,” he said. “I also want to get a degree in sports medicine and physical therapy. I have already started that by attending Northwest Tech and taking the Bio-Med program.”

Minjares first heard about the medical programs at Northwest Tech when he took a tour of the facility when he was in junior high. It was at that point he started to realize what direction he wanted to go with a career.

“When we toured tech with our school, that is when I heard about the medical programs that were offered,” he said. “The program that I am in is doing a great job of preparing me for the future and it will help me further my career in sports medicine training. If someone is thinking about going to Northwest Tech, I would say it is a good way to further your education and get a start on your career.”

Along with attending tech, Anthony is a senior at Alva High School. He is a member of the school’s baseball and cross country teams.

“I really enjoy competing in both sports,” he said. “It is challenging and fun. It has also allowed me to have some really memorable moments. One of my favorite moments was making regionals last season. What made it even more special was the fact that I was able to play on the same team as my brother.”

Throughout his life, Anthony has had a number of people that have had an influence on his life. But there are a few that have really influenced him.

“I have had a few really good influences on my life,” he said. “My dad and my coaches, coach Baugh, and my summer coach Garret Davis and Trace Maddux because they have all played and coached baseball for a long time. They know what it takes to make it to the next level so they push me to see the best player I can be.”

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