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Fairview’s Darrin Ives – Northwest Tech Spotlight – Presented By Northwest Technology Center

By Derrick Smith

When high school students make the decision to attend a technology center, it is more than just to get away from their high school for a few hours a day. It is because tech centers give the students a headstart on their future. Darrin Ives attends the Northwest Technology Center campus in Fairview and says that he found the perfect program.

“I am in the Digital Design program,” he said. “I am taking that because I love art and computers. I feel like Tech is preparing me for more choices in the future.”

Ives says he would have no problem recommending tech to someone that was interested in getting a jump on their future.

“I first heard about tech when I moved into high school,” he said. “If someone is not sure about tech, I would say give it a try. Choose a program that catches your eye. You are more likely to enjoy learning about stuff that you already enjoy.”

Darrin is a junior at Fairview High School. He is a member of the football and track teams. While he enjoys playing sports, Ives also enjoys being able to compete alongside his teammates. 

“The thing I enjoy most about competing is that we do it as a family,” he said, referring to his team. “It shows how much work we put in as a group and it is great to see that hard work pay off.”

Ives says that the most memorable sports moment for him personally was this year when he and his teammates stood strong in the face of adversity. 

“We were playing Alva in football earlier this year,” he said. “We held them on a goal line stop and we won the game 26-19. It was a great team win for us.”

Throughout his life, Darris says he has been influenced by a number of different people. But he says that there are a couple of men that have made the biggest impact on him. 

“My biggest influences in life are my coaches and my dad,” he stated. “Coaches don’t just teach you how to play football they also bring your teammates close as a family. My dad is the one who got me into loving the game of football. I wouldn’t be playing if he didn’t keep on me to not quit when things got hard.”

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