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Fairview’s Eryn Rachel – Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Holder Drug

There is a lot of preparation that is required in order for an athlete to be successful.

Eryn Rachel attends Fairview High School and she says that the recipe for being your best has one big ingredient.

“Practice,” she stated. “It has taken tons and tons of practice for me to be where I am today. I have not been able to do it alone, I have a lot of people that have helped me along the way. My mom is my biggest motivation for me. I just want to make her proud.”

In her senior year, Eryn is a flyer and the head cheerleader on the Yellowjacket’s cheer squad.

Rachel has also had some influential people that have helped her along her educational journey in the classroom.

“One of my biggest influences is my STEM teacher, Mrs. Curry,” Eryn said. “She is easygoing and helps me get through whatever is going on. Another was my second-grade teacher, Lisa Robertson. She constantly pushed me to do better in school and was always very helpful and kind.”

When she is wearing her Fairview cheer uniform, Eryn says that it is more than just an article of clothing. It is something that allows her to be a representative of her school.

“It makes me happy that I get to represent my school,” she said. “It shows that I have an important place somewhere. I have made a lot of memories over the years but my favorite is probably becoming a head cheerleader and being able to do any stunt that I am thrown into.”

The teammates that she cheers alongside are people that Rachel will miss once this year is over.

“I am truly grateful for my team and I wish them all the best,” she stated. “I am thankful for each of them. The person I enjoy practicing with the most is Alexa. She motivates me to keep going even when I want to stop but also makes me wanna prove myself to her. One of the underrated cheerleaders on the squad is Leslie. She can do so much but some of the girls do not appreciate her enough because she’s is very outspoken.”

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