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Waynoka’s Catie Devine – Athlete Spotlight – Integris Waynoka family clinic

By Derrick Smith

There are some special things about competing as a team. Not only do you work hard together to achieve the same goal, but you also bond and grow closer as a unit. Waynoka’s Catie Devine says that is one of the things she enjoys most about playing sports. 

“I enjoy just being around my teammates,” she stated. “It is always the best time for me. Sitting there talking and laughing with them and my coaches has always been one of the best times there is.”

Devine is a junior at Waynoka High School. She plays basketball, as well as fastpitch and slowpitch softball for the Railroaders. Catie is not a stranger to team sports as she began playing basketball at four years old and softball at age eight.

She has had a lot of support over the years, but Catie says that her parents, Shane and Tammy Devine, have been incredibly supportive.

“My dad and my mom are the biggest role models in my life,” she said. “They have always been there for me and supported me. My mom was at every game of any sport cheering the team and I on. My dad was my first coach for every sport that I played when I was younger and he taught me a lot that I know. Another person that had a big impact on me was coach Pitts. He taught me more in two years than any coach has. He didn’t just teach me about basketball, but he taught me so many life lessons. I thank him every day for being one of the best basketball coaches ever even though he doesn’t coach me anymore, he is coaching other girls the same way he did me.”

Over the years, Devine has put in her share of work in order to become the player that she is. But as she will tell you, it takes more than just working during practice. 

“In order to be your best, you have to put in a lot of hard work,” she said. “You also have to be dedicated and have a passion for the game.”

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