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Goodwell’s Kyan Westcott – Army National Guard Spotlight

It’s been a big year for Goodwell High School’s Kyan Westcott. A member of the band and the track team at GHS, Westcott also made the decision to join the Oklahoma Army National Guard. A decision that was made when he learned the National Guard can help him further his desire to work as a chef in the civilian world. “I decided I wanted to join the military when I discovered the benefits the U.S. Army had to offer after talking to an Army recruiter. Some family members introduced me to a friend they had growing up, Sergeant Garcia, and he explained things to me, and I decided that the National Guard was more beneficial to what I wanted to do in my young adult life,” said Westcott. 

Not having a history with military service in his family, Westcott did not let that deter him from making the commitment to serve his state and his country. “It’s still very early in my career, but as of now my favorite thing is the sense of purpose or direction. As soon as I signed and said the oath, I couldn’t help but realize I had an important purpose and a sense of pride in myself and my goal, just simply by taking the first steps to be a leader and to help out where I can,” said Westcott. 

Once Westcott has graduated from basic combat training and AIT (Advanced Individual Training) he will embark on his journey in the National Guard as a 92G or Culinary Specialist. Westcott admits the recruiting process was easier than he anticipated. “The recruiting process for me was fairly easy, very straightforward. It only took a little bit longer due to things on my behalf, not the recruiting process. MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) was a little nerve racking, but I learned being respectful and polite and knowing your own information gets you through the whole thing,” said Westcott. “The skills I will learn in the National Guard will definitely benefit me, as I am studying culinary arts in college.” 

Westcott said anyone interested in serving should do their homework. “My advice I would give to anyone thinking about joining the National Guard or any branch of service would be to talk to a recruiter like Sgt Garcia or to talk to a peer about their own experiences. Those are the most surefire ways to get the insight you want,” said Westcott. 

Congratulations to Kyan Westcott on his commitment to the Oklahoma National Guard.

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