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Mooreland’s Tyson White – FFA Spotlight – Presented by Farm Credit Western Oklahoma

Tyson White, a sophomore guard for the Mooreland Bearcats, said he fell in love with basketball by watching his older brothers play when he was younger. 

“My coach and teammates are also always there supporting me and making me better,” White said. “I also love baseball because I have been playing with my best friends my whole life.”

White then switched gears to the 2021 season, and said the team had started a bit rocky. 

“We’re 1-1 right now,” he said. “We are all a little mad about the loss, but we are hoping to make a statement and win the Mooreland Holiday Classic tournament. As a younger player, it can be intimidating to step out on the court with the older guys, but I have had a lot of help. My older brother always pushes me to be the best I can be. He, and my teammates, always make me go one hundred percent during practice. He keeps making me so much better every day.” 

When it comes to modeling his game after other, more experienced players, White said he likes to pick and choose where he gets his inspiration from. 

“I always watched Kobe growing up, but I watch a lot of different people,” he said. “I like to see how they do things well that maybe I struggle with, and adjust my game from there.” 

White said some goals he had to work on this year were finding ways to help his team as much as he can, and his ultimate goal for his team is to make it to state this year. He also said playing two sports can be tough, but ultimately it’s a rewarding experience. 

“It can be tough sometimes,” he said. “Because there isn’t much time to transition from basketball to baseball, but it is fun, and it gives me something to keep me busy.” 

In his free time, White said he can mostly be found working on his family farm until dark. He said he also likes to go to the gym and shoot around, and he also shows pigs and judges livestock. 

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