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Vici’s Cayce McCracken – Presented by Town of Vici Nursing Home

Success is something that high school athletes like Cayce McCracken strive for. No matter which one of her sports she is competing in, she knows that you have to be mentally and physically prepared to be at your best. 

“When coaches say it’s all about the time you put into it they aren’t wrong,” she said. “What you put into it is exactly what you will get out of it. To be successful, the whole team has got to be locked in and want the big goal and just continually working at your sport going to the gym constantly going to the cage or field nonstop there is no other way plus you have to truly love the sport.” 

A senior at Vici High School, McCracken plays softball and basketball and runs track. Outside of athletics, she is a member of the student council, Business Professionals of America, Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the National Honor Society. 

Along with her hard work, she says that the impact of some people in her life played a big role in her success. 

“Honestly my biggest role models are my older brothers,” Cayce said. “They always showed me how to work hard and never give up and the person who truly influences me is my little sister even if it sounds funny she is constantly pushing me to get better at each sport by non-stop practicing.” 

When she is competing alongside her teammates, McCracken says that while she will play whoever is on the other side, there is one team she enjoys beating. 

“I think that beating Leedey is pretty fun to beat because of the big rivalry,” she said. “But beating whoever we play is the most fun.” 

Being a student and an athlete, Cayce has to juggle a number of things. But she says that while it may be tough, she is able to make it work. 

“I personally don’t think it’s hard to balance it all at once. I have maintained great grades throughout my entire time and sometimes it may be difficult but it’s really just about how hard you work. If you get it done in class and don’t mess around then you won’t be worried when all of it is thrown at you at once.” 

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