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Felt’s Aaron Puebla – Army National Guard Spotlight

Many high school seniors are doing typical things on the weekend. For Felt High School’s Aaron Puebla, once a month his typical high school weekend is transformed into serving his state and country in the Oklahoma Army National Guard. How he came to become a member of the National Guard is nothing less than divine intervention leading him to become a soldier.

“Deciding to join the military was an answer to a prayer. One night I was in my room, and I overheard my mom talking about how my brother would pay for college. I prayed that night, ‘God, if you want me to go to college give me a sign.’ The Lord answered faster than I had expected and the very next day they called juniors and seniors to a classroom to talk to a recruiter. He talked to us about his job as a 91b (Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic) and how the National Guard has tons of benefits. One being that it will pay for college.”

Puebla enlisted and followed in the footsteps of his recruiter, becoming a 91b or Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic.

Puebla said his cousins were in the military, but never talked about it nor did he ever consider joining the military until his recruiter entered his classroom.

The recruiting process was something of a surprise for Puebla.

“My recruiting process was fairly easy and quick. I don’t remember all of it, but I do remember MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) was a one-day simple process,” said Puebla.

As a student-athlete at Felt High School, Puebla is involved in basketball and baseball.

“I am captain of the basketball team and STUCO president. As well as a member of National Honor Society. This is sadly my last year at FHS. My involvement in sports really helped me at basic training considering I was in good shape,” said Puebla.

Serving his state and country is something Puebla is proud to do.

“The best part of serving my state and country is I get to tell my future kids and my friends that I did,” said Puebla.

In his free time, Puebla said he likes to cruise and listen to music on a long, dark country road and hang out with my friends.

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