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Top 100 Football Spotlight – Texhoma’s Joe Hernandez – Presented by Texhoma High School

Playing in the trenches takes a different type of person. Someone who is truly willing to do whatever it takes to help his team win and not expect to hear his name called when your team scores. Joe Hernandez of Texhoma High School embodies what it means to live that trench life. 

“What I love about my team the most is that they never quit; my teammates always have my back no matter the situation,” said Hernandez. “I like to get to the ball quick on the defensive side and on the offensive side I like to protect my quarterback from anything.” 

Hernandez is more than ready for the season to begin. Every game is an important one for the senior. 

“I’m ready to play whoever, whenever. This is a competition sport; it doesn’t matter to me. I’m just ready to get my job done,” said Hernandez. 

He first stepped onto the field as a player in elementary school. Now he enters his final season at Texhoma. 

“I’ve been playing since fifth grade and my other sport I play is basketball and track,” said Hernandez. “We strive to get better and help each other as much as possible. We encourage and uplift each other and treat one another as family.” 

Pregame and post-game meals are always an important part of a Friday for Hernandez and his teammates. 

“My favorite pregame meal is pineapples. It’s a pre-game ritual and my post game meals is whatever the coach’s give us players, which I know is healthy and meant to give us energy,” said Hernandez. “After the game I ponder and ask myself if I gave it my all? Did I push myself to the brink of exhaustion? Then I sit down to eat with my family and give grace to God.” 

Hernandez said he and his teammates are ready for this season. One his senior year comes to an end, Hernandez said he would like to continue his efforts in college. 

“I plan to play football or basketball or wherever God takes me in this life of mine,” said Hernandez. 

When asked about the funniest thing he’s heard on the field during a game, Hernandez said an opponent once said, “How can I stop him he’s too big!” 

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