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Woodward’s Mom of the Month – Kristen Case – Presented by Stock Exchange Bank

Kristen Case is a graduate of Alva High School, where she was a member of the
basketball team. She has passed that athletic gene down to her kids and she is proud of what they are able to learn and take away from it.

“I learned many life lessons from playing basketball,” she said. “Even though my
children found their passions in sports other than basketball, I feel that all sports enable them to develop a strong work ethic, be a part of a team, and work towards a common goal. I feel these are great attributes that will serve them well into adulthood.

Additionally, golf and running are activities that will help them maintain active lifestyles and will provide enjoyment for the rest of their lives.”

Her oldest, Jack, is a sophomore at Woodward High School and plays golf. And Avery is a freshman that runs cross country and track.

The way the community and school get behind the students and athletes is something that assures Case that raising her kids in Woodward was a great decision.

“The community, both businesses and individuals, has been very supportive of the
secondary sports that my children are involved in,” she said. “On the school side,
Athletic Director David Norton and his staff have been very supportive of the secondary sports teams and have traveled out of town, even when they weren’t required to, just to watch them compete. This meant the world to those athletes.”
She loves to watch her kids compete and is thankful for the other parents that she has gotten to know.

“I try to attend as many of their meets and tournaments as I can,” she said. “I encourage healthy eating, hydration, stretching, and strengthening to help them perform at their best level. We have a mom group that supports the golf team and a booster club for track was just formed this year to support the resurgence of the track program.”

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